Should I Use A Scissor Lift Instead Of Scaffolding?

There are numerous sorts of equipment that can be utilised when operating at heights. Scaffolding and scissor lifts are two of the most common options that people use. These both have pros and cons that can make them more or less suitable for particular jobs.

Choosing the appropriate tools for the job is essential for ensuring both productivity and safety. We help you decide which is the best option by going through the benefits and disadvantages of these methods.

Choosing Between A Scissor Lift And Scaffolding

On construction sites, scaffolding is used to raise and support builders or domestic users as they work. Scaffolding and scissor lifts are classified similarly by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, but they differ in a few ways.

Scissor lifts are more mobile, have better lifting capacities, and are more versatile, they also do not require disassembling when the job is completed.

Pros and Cons Of Scaffolding And Scissor Lifts

For operating at heights in numerous industries, scaffolding and scissor lifts are both necessary instruments. Both have advantages, but there are also disadvantages that must be taken into account. Here’s what needs to be bared in mind:

Accessibility Issues

Scissor lifts can offer stability and accessibility in a range of locations, as opposed to scaffolding platforms, which can be challenging to install on rocky or slippery areas. You might need to navigate barriers to get to specific spots while working on a construction job.

Accessing high places and confined locations can be made easier and motorised with the help of scissor lifts. These lifts can be utilised in challenging settings because to their all-terrain wheels and collapsible characteristics. 

Cost Differences

Harsh weather can weaken or damage platforms on scaffolding, increasing their long term maintenance costs. A scissor lift can also be hired only when necessary, saving your project money in the long run, as opposed to scaffolding platforms that must be set up for several days or weeks during a project.

You might have to decide between scaffolding platforms and scissor lifts if you’re in charge of a construction project. Although hiring scissor lifts tends to be more expensive than hiring scaffolding platforms, doing so might be a better choice. 

Time Efficiency

Building and taking down scaffolding can take up important time if you’re working on a building project that calls for numerous platforms or has a deadline.

You may better manage your time and schedule your workday by using a scissor lift. With them, you can finish a job quickly and move on to the next one without having to constantly take the structure down and put it back together.

By using trailers, scissor lifts can be moved fast and without the hassle, which frees up time for other duties.

Which Is More Hazardous?

Scaffolding that is improperly put up or placed run the risk of collapsing. When setting up a platform, it’s important to take into account a variety of factors, such as your staffs skill and experience, the weight the scaffolding and platform can support, and the stability of the foundation.

Fortunately, there is very little chance of falling from a scissor lift. This is so because the outriggers on these scissor lift, which have a stable base and enhanced protection.

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