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What Attachment Is The Best Fit For My Digger

Attachments for Excavators

These machines allow powerful for digging into the ground and clear the way for various projects. However, using attachments can transform your excavator into a versatile tool, such as a jackhammer, mower, or clamp, opening up new possibilities for your machine. You can find several excavator work tools available as compact and standard excavator attachments. 

Cardiff, Wales – January 2020: Mini excavator in the back garden of a residential property undertaking landscaping and improvement work

Attachments For Diggers

The variety of excavator attachments on the market is actually wide. With almost all of them featuring quick-attach mounting hardware, you may discover attachments ideal for small excavators, crawler excavators, and more. Here are some of the top attachments for excavators for various tasks:



Augers feature a spiral shape that moves the earth that has been scooped out of the hole as it moves. Augers are adaptable devices with various power sources, including direct drive and gear driven augers. While gear driven augers work best for applications requiring a lot of torque, direct drive augers offer better balance and speed.


The digging edge of buckets is normally composed of strong steel and has teeth to aid in penetration, while lighter buckets might not have teeth. Excavator buckets come in a variety of designs, including:

digger bucket benefits
  • Narrow
  • Trenching
  • Skeleton
  • Grading bucket
  • V bucket
  • Standard or Digging
  • Heavy
  • Severe


excavator hammer benefits

The hammer attachment can be useful if you need to break apart a sizable chunk of material, such stone or concrete. It can also be referred to as a breaker or hammer breaker and operates similarly to a large jackhammer by shattering the material with a tremendous impact.

There are different kinds of hammer attachments available, including Moil, Chisel, and Blunt.

Flail Mower

For cutting stubborn items like tall grass and shrubs, the flail mower is appropriate. You may bounce it against solid surfaces like boulders or the side of a road while angling it like a hedge trimmer. It has a benefit over conventional mowers because of this feature because they frequently fling rocks and other objects during use. Brush cutter attachments for excavators and mini excavators can further increase the usefulness and versatility of your tool.

Grading Blades

grading bucket digger

A grading blade aids in levelling a surface in preparation for various tasks. To achieve the ideal level of surface grade, you can alter the blade’s height and angle. Grading blades are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for various machines and environments.


digger grapple benefits

In addition to demolition, building, garbage handling, and other activities, a grapple blade is a typical attachment for forestry operations. Two substantial, curved clamps are used to hold onto the frequently uneven or unusually shaped materials. Depending on the project, there are numerous sorts of grapples that let you move one or both sides.

Mini Excavators Couplers Are Easy  And Simple To Attach

Knowing which tools would be most effective for your application is just the beginning; you also need a simple way to move between them. You can efficiently switch out tools for work while maintaining efficiency by using a fast coupler.

Our Cat fast couplers are made with simplicity in mind and fit attachments from many different brands in addition to Cat attachments, ensuring that you can utilise whatever work equipment you require for your specialised applications. The coupler is firmly secured to your excavator by the wedge style locking mechanism. To detach one tool, the operator opens a fast coupler inside the cab. After that, they can lock in a new accessory by aligning it with the fast coupler. Using a fast coupler allows your operators to quickly switch between attachments and resume work, which can reduce downtime and increase production.

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