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  • Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor

    Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor

    Powerful and dependable, the Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor is made for effective compaction duties. It provides excellent performance on a variety of task sites because to its sturdy structure and clever innovation. It is perfect for both large-scale projects and limited spaces due to the small design’s ease of manoeuvrability.

    The Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor has a high-quality petrol engine that produces significant compaction force to produce the best results possible. It is user-friendly and suited for both seasoned operators and newbies to the field thanks to its accurate controls and simple operation.

    The Bobcat FP12.40’s plate measures approximately 400–500 millimetres (16–20 inches) wide and 600–700 millimetres (24–28 inches) long, offering a significant covered area. The vibrations per minute (VPM) of the compactor, which normally vary from 500 to 600, enable effective compaction of a variety of materials.

    The Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor has a robust design and is made to resist tough circumstances and severe workloads. It provides longevity and durability, reducing downtime and ensuring increased output.

    The Bobcat FP12.40 Plate Compactor is a great option for contractors and construction professionals looking for an effective and high-performing compaction solution because of its adaptability and dependability.

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